Resort Group Holding - I think it is a scam


I was contacted by a cold call.They wanted to buy my fiesta Americana time share.

They wanted me to provide proof of ownership and sign a purchase agreement with a title company in Mexico.I questioned them about having a title company in the US instead and who the buyer is and names of satisfied customers and whether they have real estate licenses. The answers were very fishy.They got real nervous and said they would call back in 20 minutes. I am still waiting!

Remember the old saying- If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.Sorry.

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Mr.Harrington - your name is listed on the corporate papers.

You all had a website that appears to be shut down now. The phone number on the website went to the address in Nags Head, North Carolina.

Can you confirm?What is your phone number?

Nags Head, North Carolina, United States #733278

It is a 100% SCAM!These people are NOT the real Resort Group Holdings LLC.

They have hijacked our business name and are using our names to commit illegal FRAUD! Please turn them in to the local police and call your Attorney General's office. We have done all of this to no avail.

Resort Group Holdings in North Carolina has NOTHING to do with Timeshares PERIOD!We are a local company with business and real estate interests on the Outer Banks of NC and NO WHERE ELSE!

Resort Group Holdings

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Has anybody ever dealt with a company in North Carolina called Resort Group Holdings.They are trying to sell our timeshare in Mexico and keep coming up with reasons why we have to deposit money for title search, taxes and sales commission in escrow account in a Mexican Bank.

It is started to smell like a scam.

They are registered as a corporation in North Carolina since 2008 with no complaints filed in the State Attorney's Office.They come up with every excuse but I have it writing that they answered in an email that we would not have to pay any money upfront.

Review about: Time Shares Sale.



Do Not deal with these scammers.The real Resort Group Holdings LLC has nothing to do with Timeshares, period!

We are a small company in NC that owns and operates real estate on the Outer Banks.

Please report them as soon as you get a call.They are causing us a lot of pain and issues with people claiming to be us.

Anniston, Alabama, United States #741985

I received a cold call from Resort Group Holdings in regard to a time share we own in Mexico.I took two months to respond to their requests as I was dubious about their legitimacy.

A week after I faxed the documents requested they called to tell me the "buyer" had acquired the number of units he desired and that they no longer needed mine. Yesterday I received another call saying someone had backed out and did I still want to sell. I said yes and they sent me a new contract. This time I actually spoke to an attorney who advised me to check on line for complaints.

Thanks to all of you who posted "leary" I won't be signing that contract.

To those of you who were duped, the best of luck.*** artists are getting so cagey even highly intelligent people are getting scammed.


As a follow-up, Resort Group Holdings, LLC only deals with North Carolina properties.Their name has been tolen.

They kept calling me for the second transfer.

I replied wth an email threatening to report them to FTC or FBI and they stopped calling.I'm not sure how to report them since the real Resort Group HOldings, LLC has nothing to do with this.


I too payed the title search fee and now they are asking for the commission. Sounds fishy so I looked online and found the FTC Alerts and Warning About Timeshare Resale Fraud (especially wire transfers to Mexico):

We have been duped. Spread the word. I plan to file with most, if not all of the agencies mentoned in one of the pdfs.


Resort Group Holdings is registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State's Office as a corporation.They have been filing returns since 2008 according to the Secretary of State's website.

I called the Secretary of State's Office to see if they had any complaints on this company. They did not. That is why I thought this was a legitimate corporation. I am beginning to be leery.

They have my money but I get one excuse after another. I am suppose to close - now they say the resort is holding by paperwork and will not release it.

Standby for information once something happens!


They have contacted me also and want me to sign a agreement for a title search for $965 with no sales agreement. The more I talk to them the more I think they are a scam. Has anyone had a good experience with them?


I was contacted too and from what I was able to find, thought it was legit.I foolishly wired the money for the title search but knew when they asked for the commission up front - which I was told would not be the case - that it was a fraud.

I called FAVC and was told that they were receiving many calls on this company.I have filed a complaint with the BBB on the closing company (Closing Express LLC) but don't want to take that step on Resort Group Holdings since it seems that is a legititimate company and that someone else is using their name.

to Anonymous #734824

I have been contacted by them as well and have wired the title search, the transfer fee, and now they want the commission to which I don't understand why they can't get that from the escrow at the time of the sell.Has anyone done real business with this company?

What recourse are you taking to try and get your funds back?


They have just contacted me also and made an offer over the phone ( a cold call) on our time share.I live in a suburb of Chicago.

They refused to send me the offer in writing.The girl on the phone said they will only deal by fax or e-mail.

Palm Desert, California, United States #723743

What was your end result? They just contacted me and asked if I wanted to sell my timeshare and I am a little Leary of the request. I would really appreciate a response!

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